Pricing is a “one on one” full-service accounting partner, helping small businesses to leverage technology and get more for their accounting dollar. Below is a small sample of services and projected pricing. Please note, pricing varies based on the complexity and size of the business and project.

Setup a New Company

Frank and his brother Steve are starting a new company. They need everything to get set up and running, from a federal employer ID number to an accounting system. They have two employees in addition to themselves. They have decided to operate as an “S” corporation. They will wholesale beauty products and need a way to manage inventory and payroll, along with all other basic accounting functions. They will have a part-time bookkeeper to do data entry and maintenance. sets up the company with all relevant governmental agencies. also sets up QuickBooks® accounting software for them, and trains all staff. It then provides necessary follow- up support. will prepare quarterly and annual payroll reports to comply with governmental filing requirements. will prepare the company’s annual corporate income tax returns.

PROJECTED FEE: $1,500 – $2,000 

Conversion From Manual/Other Accounting System

Jean has been in business for about three years. She began by keeping track of her expenses, accounts and sales in Excel. Later, she had payroll obligations and now wants to expand her business by adding another location. She hired a bookkeeper but that no longer seems enough to keep her from being overwhelmed by the record-keeping burdens of her company. suggested that Jean seriously consider automating her accounting work and keep her bookkeeper to maintain data entry and to be responsible for any necessary coordination with will carry-forward Jean’s manual bookkeeping items, as needed, train her bookkeeper to use the software, and set up her automated books. In addition, utilized the resources of Quickbooks Online™ in order to better co-ordinate with her client and provide timely input as to financial and tax status.

PROJECTED FEE: $500 – $1,000 

Consulting Support: Profitability of Business Lines

Chris has been in business for a little over 5 years. The business is profitable but he thinks it should be doing better. realized that Chris didn’t know which product lines, divisions or outlets were profitable and which were not. He needed to know which of his staff were operating as efficiently as they could be. He needed to know how his business compared to others like his. Chris is already on QuickBooks®, so will customize his current system to give him the answers he needs to maximize his profits.

PROJECTED FEE: $500 – $1,000

In addition, suggested doing a business plan and business projections to help Chris manage his business with an eye on profits.


Preparation of Annual Income Tax Returns

Sue and Anna have been clients of ABCPA for many years. Their company’s books are on Quickbooks, and they have been trained in how to maintain it properly.

They contact ABCPA whenever they have any questions about either maintaining their company’s books or how today’s complex tax laws can affect them. They work with ABCPA throughout the year to minimize their tax burden. In January or February of the following year, they provide ABCPA with a full set of books from which to prepare their corporate and personal income tax returns. ABCPA prepares both the corporate return and their individual income tax returns, in addition to providing support throughout the year.

PROJECTED FEE: $1,000 – $2,500 (depending on complexity)